UK Bribery Act

English speaking corporate, mergers and acquisitions, litigation lawyer Istanbul Turkey

The Çektir compliance team is qualified to advise on specific international compliance necessities, such as the UK Bribery Act. 
Acting for UK companies with business interests in Turkey, covered by the Act, Çektir provides Turkish legal assistance throughout all stages of the assessment cycle: from audit/due diligence; to audit review; the training of employees, managers and directors; performance evaluation; company reporting; and progress tracking. Çektir's range of UK Bribery Act in Turkey legal services cover:

  • Supporting in-house counsel, compliance officers and international counsel on compliance matters seamlessly
  • Structuring compliance plans 
  • Writing, translating and improving compliance manuals and books
  • Conducting risk assessments 
  • Conducting third-party due diligence 
  • Drafting and/or reviewing anti-bribery and corruption policies 
  • Developing a company checklist 
  • Developing a public statement of commitment 
  • Reviewing and/or amending third-party contracts and employment contracts 
  • Drafting standard terms and conditions for third-party contracts and employment contracts 
  • Providing anti-bribery training internally and for suppliers 






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