New reg: Landlords of daily rentals

New regulation: Landlords of Daily rentals

November 2016

A law dated 1973 regulating the obligation of hotels to share ID details with local police and establish an online system to report daily to the police has now been extended to daily rented homes. All landlords renting out property daily must comply with these new rules.

Historically, daily rented homes are mainly used by tourists looking for an alternative to hotels, or those avoiding hotels. Owners can benefit from undeclared income without being obliged to diclose who was renting the property.

Who has to comply?

The word “ev” in Turkish refers to home and means rooms, houses and flats which accommodate people outside of a regular rental agreement between a landlord and a tenant. It is clearly stated in the new regulation that those who provide such accommodation are obliged to comply - whether it is:
- an exchange of homes,
- AirBnB,
- no fee charity accommodation, or
- regular pay and stay type of accommodation.

Property owners are obliged to establish an online system connected to the police database so the police can see who has checked in.
It is clearly stated that those who provide accommodation are obliged to keep all records on a computer, updated on a daily basis, and to connect to the data terminals of general security forces so they can forward and report all information, documentation and records to the general security forces in real time.


Those who fail to comply will be charged and fined TL10,000 for not connecting to the terminal and TL5,000 for not sending real time information and data or for keeping false information. Repeat offenders will have their licenses cancelled in addition to the fines. The fines are due immediately and must be paid in one month from the date of charge.

In conclusion, daily rented homes included any accommodation provided on a daily basis - this regulation now extends the term to daily rented homes in Turkey and it should include exchanging homes as it is on a daily basis. Those who provide daily accommodation via Airbnb or other networks should comply. Those who rent on a daily basis must establish the system by mid-January 2017 as the law stipulates a “two months to comply” rule.This regulation is not about tax, however, the tax office may also use the data provided by the landlords to detect rental income.

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