Is DASK compulsory for every building?

Is DASK compulsory for every building?

Disaster Insurances Law No. 6305 stipulates that buildings constructed as residential and registered with the land registry office under private ownership, residential units described in Property Ownership Law No. 634, and office units in residential buildings need to have DASK.
DASK is an insurance system for residential buildings within the municipality administrative zone and it is not compulsory for Public buildings, residential units in villages, units in buildings solely for commercial and/or industrial purposes, and buildings that are not in compliance with zoning and engineering rules.
Residences in villages are not compulsory due to the fact that incomes are lower in villages and it is difficult to inspect the buildings.
A Voluntary Earthquake Insurance scheme is available for those who seek insurance for these kinds of residences.

Is DASK compulsory?
The answer is yes and no. The authorities ask for a DASK certificate if you want to connect utilities to your property. This is especially a question when there is a tenant in the picture or when you are selling the property. The authorities will need to see your DASK certificate in order to complete the transaction. Other than this there is no real sanction for non-compliance with DASK except that your house will not be insured against the risk of an earthquake.

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