How does book keeping in a Turkish Company affect your court case?

How does book keeping in a Turkish Companyaffect your court case?

Book keeping becomes even more importantif company books are submitted as evidence in a legal dispute of a company.

Company books are at utmost importance incase of a law suit where the company books of the company or the pay roll slipsof the company constitute the primary evidences for the company. The judge willmake his remarks mostly on these very important items as long as they are keptcompliance with the law and regulations.

Year-end closing and notary approval ofthe company books

According to Turkish commercial code thecompany books can be qualified as proper evidence with the condition of beingformally approved by the public notary at every financial year end. In case offailing to do so the company books are still valid as company books foraccountancy purposes and tax matters but the accuracy will not be honored bythe courts. If I may give an example on this matter; in a law suit where twoparties have a dispute on whether an invoice or payment is made or not thecompany books of the companies are the major evidences along with the bankstatements. If one of the parties’ accountants failed to make the approval ofthe company books then these unapproved books will not be taken intoconsideration by the court but the other party’s company books approvedproperly will constitute the evidence for the case.

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