Establish a Turkish Limited Company

Can a foreign national form a Turkish company?

Company registration for non-Turkish residents is subject to same requirements as for residents living in Turkey.

There are no restrictions on foreigners to become a Turkish company director. There are no restrictions on foreigners to become a shareholder in a Turkish company.

Requirements for registering a Turkish Limited company are:

1.    Company Name: First of all, please check your desired company name is available and different from an existing name; it also shouldn’t contain any sensitive words. Please note that the name you pick up should not include the word “Turk” or “Turkiye”.

2.   Capital: Capital should be a minimum of 50.000 TL which 25% must be paid at the registration

3.    Directors: Only one director is enough for the company formation. If you wish to have more directors, you can appoint as many as you like.  Director can be real or legal person.

4.    Shareholders: Sole shareholder is possible. If you want more shareholders you can go up to a reasonable number of 50. Only one shareholder is required. Shareholder can be an individual or a legal body.

5.    Registered address: This address must be in Turkey and all official mails will be sent to this address. We run Virtual Office Services (VOS) and you can use our address as your registered office address.

6.    Scope of Business: the scope of company business should be clearly shown in the articles of association.

7.    Accountancy, filing and reporting:  Turkish Companies are required to submit monthly tax returns and annual accounts. A certified accountant must be designated prior to the registration of the company. There are several filings that must be made by the accountant on the date of registration. If you need any help our certified Turkish accountants will be happy to provide services.



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